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  · Staff Accountant  (El Segundo)
Data Scientist
  · Data Scientist  (El Segundo)
  · Lead Data Scientist  (Santa Ana)
Desktop/Technical Support
  · Application Support  (Encino)
DevOps Engineer
  · DevOps Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · Construction Supervisor  (Saratoga Springs)
Product Manager
  · Senior Product Manager  (El Segundo)
  · Senior Front End Developer  (Irvine)
  · Senior JavaScript Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · UI/UX Designer  (Irvine)
Project Manager
  · Project Manager  (Irvine)
Software Quality Assurance/Tester
  · Systems Test Engineer  (San Jose)

Accounting/Finance Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9020  Staff Accountant  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Staff Accountant to prepare monthly financial statements, journal entries, and maintain detailed reconciliations.

Responsibilities include:
- Prepare monthly internal financial statements by gathering and analyzing information from the general ledger and various departments.
- Maintain detailed reconciliations of balance sheet schedules.
- Perform journal entries directly to the general ledger.
- Provide accounting support for audits and financial requests.
- Answers accounting and financial questions by researching and interpreting vast amounts of data.

Required Skills:
- 1-3 years of experience in related field, preferred.
- Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.
- Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook and Word.
- Strong analytical skills.
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Data Scientist Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8988  Data Scientist  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Data Scientist/Data Engineer to help this company make data-informed decisions that have a direct and measurable impact on the organization, building engaging personal experiences for their customers. This individual will work with business managers and executives to help identify viable data mining opportunities and then implement analytical solutions.

Responsibilities include:
- Develop and implement data science solutions to fit business problem, which may include applying algorithms from a standard tool or custom algorithm development.
- Work with business owners to map business requirements into technical solutions.
- Work to help architect, design and optimize the data warehouse to generate seamless business intelligence solutions for internal and external partners.
- Support production analytic solution.
- Perform ad hoc statistical and data science analyses.
- Present results of analyses to business units, the board and potential investors.

Required Skills:
- 3+ years of experience applying data science techniques to real business problems.
- Ph.D. in Data Science, Statistics, Operations Research or M.S. in related field.
- Familiarity with database modeling and data warehousing principles, with a working knowledge of SQL.
- Strong programming skills in Python, Java, C++, or similar language.
- Familiarity with multiple programming and scripting languages useful to data engineering.
- MUST have ecommerce background.
- Deep knowledge of survey methodologies.
- Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9025  Lead Data Scientist  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Santa Ana  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Lead Data Scientist to work on this company's AI Strategy and identify solutions to a variety of complex problems. This person will need to have advanced skills in estimating the underlying structure of a given dataset, finding useful patterns and/or predicting properties of previously unseen instances.

Responsibilities include:
- Choose the appropriate accuracy/error measures (e.g. log-loss for classification, sum-of-squared-errors for regression, anomaly detection etc.) along with an appropriate evaluation strategy (training-testing split, sequential vs. randomized cross-validation, iterative learning algorithms, etc.).
- Estimate the underlying structure of a given dataset, finding useful patterns (correlations, clusters, eigenvectors, etc.)
- Use Machine Learning algorithms (scikit-learn, Theano, Spark MLlib, H2O, Octave, TensorFlow, etc.) and identify suitable algorithms and models (decision tree, nearest neighbor, neural net, support vector machine, ensemble of multiple models, etc.) and learning procedures to fit the data (linear regression, gradient descent, genetic algorithms, bagging, boosting, and other model-specific methods).
- Understanding of how hyperparameters affect learning.
- Understand how these different pieces work together, communicate (using library calls, REST APIs, database queries, etc.) and be able to build appropriate interfaces for components that others will depend on.
- Effectively design systems to avoid bottlenecks and allow the algorithms to scale with increasing volumes of data.
- Software Engineering best practices (including requirements analysis, system design, modularity, version control, testing, documentation, etc.) are invaluable for productivity and collaboration.

Required Skills:
- Master's degree in CS, Data Science, Math, or Statistics, Ph.D. preferred.
- 5+ years of demonstrated experience in predictive modeling and analysis.
- 5+ years of demonstrated experience with statistical software tool(s), i.e. Python, Scala, GNU, R, SAS, MatLab, etc.
- 5+ years of writing complex SQL queries in high volume database environments.
- Experience/knowledge of advanced Machine Learning techniques such as GBM, Random Forest, etc.
- Experience in statistical techniques such as classification, clustering, regression, statistical inference, collaborative filtering and natural language processing, experimental design, social network analysis, feature engineering, etc.
- Experience with visualization technologies such as Power BI, Chart.js, D3, DataHero, Octave, Plotly, Tableau and/or TensorBoard.
- Knowledge of Cloud Platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
- Experience with multifunction imaging, printing systems or image processing and/or IoT platforms is a plus.
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Desktop/Technical Support Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9066  Application Support  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Encino  Based on Experience
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Looking for an Application Support Analyst to act as a support and training lead for this company's front-end portal for brokers, agents, and internal underwriters.

Responsibilities include:
- Service external and internal customers by answering questions and troubleshooting issues related to internally-developed application.
- Make Level 1 system changes for customers, such as configuration/parameter changes and access set-up within application.
- Track open tickets and produce reports detailing issue trends and customer service level agreement metrics.
- Create training and tutorial documentation for internal and external clients.
- Regularly provide customer feedback on the effectiveness of online procedures/functionality and possible issues to Product Management and IT.
- Conduct internal/external training and product demonstrations.
- Perform other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills:
- Excellent customer service, relationship-building, and communication skills with both internal staff and external clients.
- Strong analytical/troubleshooting skills.
- Strong writing skills (e.g., training documentation, clear description of issues that need escalation to IT).
- Ability to quickly learn new systems and become subject matter expert.
- Ability to prioritize tasks and workload.

Education and Experience:
- Bachelor's degree required, preferably in computer science or related field.
- A minimum of three years' experience as an online service representative or related position in a business environment.
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DevOps Engineer Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8921  DevOps Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a DevOps Engineer to build and manage complex IT infrastructure for a next generation digital platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Work as part of a small DevOps team to build and manage a resilient and secure infrastructure for the application platform.
- Collaborate with development team to fulfill each other's requirements, create scripts, modify source codes if needed or workarounds (requires solid knowledge of programming).
- Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand.
- Improve automated deployments, monitoring, management and incident response.
- Monitor site stability and performance and troubleshoot site issues.
- Conduct stress, high availability and proof of concept tests.
- Get up to speed and understand the company's technology stack.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's Degree with a major course of study in Computer Science or Information Technology.
- 5 - 8 years' of experience in Linux system administration within an Agile environment, supporting development and implementing DevOps processes and procedures in a smaller scale start-up.
- Strong knowledge of Amazon AWS / EC2 is a must.
- Experience working with Docker.
- Experience working with log monitoring with ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).
- Proficient scripting skills in languages such as Bash or Python preferred.
- Release automation, system administration, system configuration, and system debugging experience.
- Experience using scripting languages, configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, Puppet) and command execution frameworks.
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Other Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9024  Construction Supervisor  Full-time/Permanent  All  Saratoga Springs  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Construction Supervisor to develop solutions and direct the work effort for all aspects of network communication construction site work per client's specifications. Ensure allocation of resources are sufficient for timely completion of projects. Supervise the construction, repair, restructuring and deconstruction of towers, antennas and antenna systems.

Responsibilities include:
- Manage site crew for quality, timeliness, accuracy and schedule.
- Oversee all aspects of work while at the tower top and maintain ground control, ensuring that all quality standards are met and a correct installation has been performed.
- Act as site representative to client, responsible for ensuring all requirements are clearly communicated to internal team and met within budget and timeframes specified.

Required Skills:
- One of the following: High School diploma/GED required and 3+ years of construction or equipment installation experience, wireless telecom experience preferred OR Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.
- Ability to effectively lead a crew to the completion of and in conformance with schedule, customer requirements, and budget guidelines.
- Must be computer proficient, having demonstrated intermediate knowledge and ability to work with MS Word and Excel.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Good planning and organizational skills to balance and prioritize work.

Certificates, License, Registrations:
- Certified Tower Climber, Certified in Safety and Tower Rescue, Valid Driver's License required, CDL preferred.
- OSHA 10Hr Safety Course preferred.
- Adult First Aid / CPR preferred.
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Product Manager Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9033  Senior Product Manager  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Senior Product Manager with an AdTech background to help improve and expand this company's SaaS platform. You will guide product development from concept to launch, understanding the challenges and needs and bridging gaps between sellers, marketers, and engineers.

Responsibilities include:
- Maintain and prioritize an Agile product roadmap and backlog for engineering and ensure that new features and enhancements are validated and clearly specified.
- Collaborate with UX designers, subject matter experts, and engineering to define and size new product enhancements.
- Coordinate with engineering throughout the development process to ensure the product aligns with company mission, strategic goals, and market demands.
- Advise and participate in sales and marketing activities, including client meetings, sales demonstrations, and user conferences.
- Monitor adoption and revenue impact of new features and enhancements and report on release impact as necessary.
- Provide a fresh perspective and insight, aligning to current trends/approaches while also grounding your decisions in user research, business goals, and technical considerations

Required Skills:
- 3+ years of relevant professional experience as a Product Manager; experience with AdTech and SaaS products is a must.
- Strong understanding of all aspects of the product development lifecycle, including customer research, requirements definition, prioritization, and launch process.
- Familiarity with the fundamentals of engineering process, user experience design, sales process, and marketing.
- A track record of shipping a product in an Agile product development environment, leading a complex project and collaborating across departments.
- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and an ability to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences.
- A degree in Computer Science or similar technical field is a strong plus.
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Programmer/Development Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9063  Senior Front End Developer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Irvine  Based on Experience
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Looking for a creative Senior Front End Developer to develop dynamic user interfaces for cutting edge consumer and enterprise web-based applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some of their templating/preprocessor counterparts.

Responsibilities include:
- Lead a project from beginning to end while mentoring other developers.
- Start to finish execution - from discovery through deployment.
- Collaborate constantly. We believe that success is better achieved together.
- Stay on top of leading front end development technologies and best proactive standards and implement them internally when appropriate.
- Adapt to changing priorities and personalities in order to seamlessly execute end goals and deliverables.

Required Skills:
- Experience developing responsive sites for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices (with and without a responsive framework).
- Proficiency in JavaScript and working knowledge of ES6.
- Experience with a JavaScript framework (preferably Vue.js 2.0) and a JavaScript templating library (e.g. Handlebars, Mustache, etc.).
- Experience with social service APIs (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
- Proficiency with Sass or familiarity with the concept of a CSS preprocessor.
- An awareness of mobile platforms and their respective browsers.
- Experience with Zurb's Foundation or a similar responsive framework.
- Experience using the BEM naming methodology or an understanding of its advantages.
- Strong knowledge of standards-based web development and browser and cross-platform compatibility.
- Experience with Git and a task runner like Gulp and/or Grunt, but preferably Webpack.
- Experience with packaging managers such as npm.
- Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, including the ability to turn PSDs into usable application assets (images, fonts, etc.).
- Knowledge of what the WCAG is and its effect on web development.
- Familiarity with the concept of atomic design.

Bonus if you have:
- Experience with Single Page Web Applications or optimization for mobile.
- Experience developing in Visual Studio.
- Experience with SEO & Accessibility.
- Experience with Umbraco.
- Experience building/maintaining Living Style Guides or UI Toolkits
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8953  Senior JavaScript Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer to develop this company's next generation platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Design and improve the JavaScript ad serving framework
- Work with the ad server backend team to continue and improve overall solution
- Work with the product and design teams to develop new innovative ad unit types (video, slideshows etc.)
- Leverage various 3rd party open source JavaScript solutions when needed
- Develop cross browser user behavior tracking framework

Required Skills:
- At least 5 years of experience in JavaScript front-end web development
- Pure JavaScript and the ability to build a framework (AngularJS, ReactJS etc.)
- Experience writing optimized JS code (size and performance wise)
- Pure Java and proficiency in object oriented designs and expert understanding of software engineering best practices
- Expert level knowledge in cross browsers and responsive designs
- Strong level knowledge in CSS/HTML with experience using jQuery or similar framework
- Experience with CSS pre-processors (such as LESS, SASS)
- Experience with Git and Git workflow is a plus
- Good understanding of testing methodologies and experience with writing testable code
- Ability to operate in an Agile, entrepreneurial start-up environment
- Adtech background is a plus
- This person must be motivated, driven, and passionate about programming and technology
- Excellent teamwork skills with an ability to reach out and use team strengths to get the work done with minimal supervision
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9071  UI/UX Designer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Irvine  Based on Experience
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Looking for a UI/UX Designer to collaborate with the engineering, product, design, and project management teams to build outstanding and innovative products for web and mobile.

Responsibilities include:
- Participate in brainstorming and development with product managers on product concepts.
- Conduct user research and testing to validate designs and prototypes.
- Develop conceptual diagrams, interaction flows, wireframes, visual mockups, and prototypes.
- Take part in designing the UI architecture, interface, and interaction flow of web and on-device software.
- Design the visual aesthetic of digital projects you are working on.
- Present and communicate design work to the project team.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's Degree in interaction design, human-computer interaction, or related UX degree.
- 4+ years of experience as a user experience designer, interaction designer, information architect, or similar UX-related role.
- Experience building web-based products with an ability to prototype in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
- Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure, Zeplin, and other design tools.
- Experience in interaction design, usability, visual design, prototyping, research.
- Experience with designing for multiple types of devices.
- Strong consumer product instincts and pragmatic design philosophy.
- Understanding of composition, balance, symmetry, and white space.
- Ability to use human-centered product discovery methods to infer product design.
- Experience building products in an Agile software development environment.
- Demonstrated experience incubating and commercializing new ideas, working closely with technical teams from concept generation through implementation.
- Strong leadership skills to drive projects to completion.
- Strong interpersonal skills; ability to work effectively and build strong relationships across internal and external organizations.
- Ability to juggle multiple priorities and make things happen in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- A portfolio featuring your design work is required.
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Project Manager Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9028  Project Manager  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Irvine  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Technical Project Manager with web and mobile experience to manage projects and work with clients, designers and developers to create cutting edge consumer and enterprise level applications.

Responsibilities include:
- Work closely with designers and engineers to anticipate day to day needs and assist with production of high-quality work.
- Work with external business teams to minimize issues, translate code language and provide project updates every step of the way.
- Provide oversight and manage all aspects of projects operating under different methodologies (primarily Scrum and Critical Path).
- Create and track documentation such as project plans, team decisions and outstanding issues, risk assessments and mitigation strategies.
- Manage and report discrepancies to project scope, schedule, and budget building exciting apps/working with external clients.
- Document and follow up on team decisions, issues and action items.
- Own the projects and know where they are at through the entire process.
- Identify and work through potential dependencies and novel challenges.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's Degree or higher.
- 3-4 years of experience working with clients and teams to build complex software and applications.
- Experience working with Jira.
- Understand what it takes to build digital software and applications and know how to work with developers through dependencies and technical challenges.
- Manage timeline of diverse and complex projects in an Agile environment.
- Manage the budget and know how to forecast based on cost trends, making adjustments where needed.
- Manage the team and know how to prioritize your own work and that of the team while working on multiple deliverables simultaneously.
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Software Quality Assurance/Tester Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9075  Systems Test Engineer  Contract  Northern California  San Jose  Based on Experience
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Seeking a Systems Test Engineer to join this company's Product Test Quality Engineering lab. This person will be responsible for testing and providing technical expertise in the evaluation of SSD products in specific customer platforms. Individual must have extensive knowledge of hardware configuration, RAID setups and software installation as well as strong technical troubleshooting skills to diagnose system or SDD issues.

Responsibilities include:
- Expert knowledge of storage architectures, operating systems and file systems.
- Work with the customer and teams in Japan to develop qualification test plans, determine required equipment and develop schedules to meet the customer's needs.
- Diagnose, debug and document customer technical issues to facilitate solutions and closure of issues.
- Perform preliminary failure analysis on drives which fail during testing.
- Track status on drives sent to Japan for further failure analysis, using JIRA.

Required Skills:
- B.S. Degree (or equivalent) in Engineering (Mechanical, Production, Electrical, Electronics or Computer Science).
- 5 plus years of experience in the SSD, Storage or computer industry.
- The candidate must be very familiar with SSD technologies.
- Excellent verbal and written communication and customer engagement skills.
- Need to have strong LINUX (any version, Solaris or BSD is good as well).
- Have experience in using NVMe, SAS and/or SATA protocol analyzers.
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