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  · Data Scientist  (El Segundo)
  · DevOps Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · Machine Learning Engineer  (Santa Ana)
  · Sales Contracts Administrator  (Van Nuys)
  · Senior Product Manager  (El Segundo)
  · Python Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · Senior JavaScript Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · Senior Xamarin Developer  (Irvine)
  · Software Engineer/Network Application Development  (Concord)
Software Quality Assurance/Tester
  · Junior QA Engineer  (El Segundo)
  · QA Lead  (Encino)

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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8988  Data Scientist  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Data Scientist/Data Engineer to help this company make data-informed decisions that have a direct and measurable impact on the organization, building engaging personal experiences for their customers. This individual will work with business managers and executives to help identify viable data mining opportunities and then implement analytical solutions.

Responsibilities include:
- Develop and implement data science solutions to fit business problem, which may include applying algorithms from a standard tool or custom algorithm development.
- Work with business owners to map business requirements into technical solutions.
- Work to help architect, design and optimize the data warehouse to generate seamless business intelligence solutions for internal and external partners.
- Support production analytic solution.
- Perform ad hoc statistical and data science analyses.
- Present results of analyses to business units, the board and potential investors.

Required Skills:
- 3+ years of experience applying data science techniques to real business problems.
- Ph.D. in Data Science, Statistics, Operations Research or M.S. in related field.
- Familiarity with database modeling and data warehousing principles, with a working knowledge of SQL.
- Strong programming skills in Python, Java, C++, or similar language.
- Familiarity with multiple programming and scripting languages useful to data engineering.
- MUST have ecommerce background.
- Deep knowledge of survey methodologies.
- Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8921  DevOps Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a DevOps Engineer to build and manage complex IT infrastructure for a next generation digital platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Work as part of a small DevOps team to build and manage a resilient and secure infrastructure for the application platform.
- Collaborate with development team to fulfill each other's requirements, create scripts, modify source codes if needed or workarounds (requires solid knowledge of programming).
- Scale infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand.
- Improve automated deployments, monitoring, management and incident response.
- Monitor site stability and performance and troubleshoot site issues.
- Conduct stress, high availability and proof of concept tests.
- Get up to speed and understand the company's technology stack.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's Degree with a major course of study in Computer Science or Information Technology.
- 5 - 8 years' of experience in Linux system administration within an Agile environment, supporting development and implementing DevOps processes and procedures in a smaller scale start-up.
- Strong knowledge of Amazon AWS / EC2 is a must.
- Experience working with Docker.
- Experience working with log monitoring with ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).
- Proficient scripting skills in languages such as Bash or Python preferred.
- Release automation, system administration, system configuration, and system debugging experience.
- Experience using scripting languages, configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, Puppet) and command execution frameworks.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8998  Machine Learning Engineer  Either  Southern California  Santa Ana  Based on Experience
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Seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to join this company's platform team to train, implement and evaluate machine learning models.

Responsibilities include:
- Search for data from devices installed across the globe.
- Use your mathematical, statistical and programmatic knowledge to search, analyze, model and forecast the sale of products.
- Leverage your experience to build data-driven products.
- Provide technical leadership to mentor other Engineers, planning, roadmap and architecture.

Required Skills:
- Master's degree in CS, Statistics, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Data Mining or a related field.
- 3+ years of experience in data extraction, data-driven statistical modeling, analysis and supervised learning.
- 3+ years of experience in programming languages Python, Java, C++.
- 3+ years of experience in modeling languages such as R, Stata, MATLAB.
- Experience in deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, Tensorflow, and Theano.
- Experience in Machine Learning APIs, frameworks and AI tools.
- Experience using Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google cloud.
- Experience using Big Data, business intelligence tools such as Tableau, data lakes, Hadoop, Spark.

Bonus if you have:
- Experience with large data sets.
- Knowledge of No-SQL such as MongoDB, relational databases, unstructured data.
- Experience in distributed streaming platform such as Kafka, distributed programming is highly desired.
- Ability to explain complex statistical concepts to non-experts and business executives.
- Ability to build, evaluate predictive models.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8974  Sales Contracts Administrator  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Van Nuys  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Sales Contracts Administrator to provide support to the sales organization in the review, preparation, and submittal of technical proposals.

Responsibilities include:
- Provide contract review of customers' Terms and Conditions, review of Statement of Work defined activities, and specific product requirements to insure all items are covered in proposal pricing response.
- Provide organizational administrative support to manage the details of the Sales Process from the early sales opportunity discussions, through detailed requests for quote/proposal, through the closing of the order.
- Manage the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool implementation to capture customer information and key interactions.
- Under general direction, ensure legal compliance and provide import/export administration and control within government rules and regulations, including appropriate licensing for shipments.
- Review a variety of contracts for required clauses and identify omissions.
- Interface with internal and external customers, foreign order administration, freight forwarders, customs officers and other functional areas to ensure coordination and logistics of shipment.
- Select carriers/forwarders for shipment of products and prepare documents for freight forwarders.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's Degree or equivalent education, with 3-5 years of relevant experience.
- Ability to work with technical products, ideally with a history in the COTS market with knowledge of systems solutions.
- Knowledge of ITAR, EAR, US Customs, and other laws and regulations governing international trade.
- Must be familiar with FAR and DFARS and able to handle multiple assignments and achieve program goals and deadlines.
- Must have knowledge of acquisition policies, export control requirements, and intellectual property rights.
- Demonstrated experience managing multiple contracting types.
- In-depth knowledge of both Federal and commercial contracts law.
- Must possess the ability to communicate effectively and to manage rapidly shifting work priorities.
- Superior relationship management skills and an exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction.
- Well-developed oral, written communication and presentation skills.
- Comfortable working independently and as part of a Sales team environment.
- Proficient in MS Office.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9016  Senior Product Manager  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Senior Product Manager with an AdTech background to help improve and expand this companies SaaS platform. You will guide product development from concept to launch, understanding the challenges and needs and bridging gaps between sellers, marketers, and engineers.

Responsibilities include:
- Maintain and prioritize an Agile product roadmap and backlog for engineering and ensure that new features and enhancements are validated and clearly specified.
- Collaborate with UX designers, subject matter experts, and engineering to define and size new product enhancements.
- Coordinate with engineering throughout the development process to ensure the product aligns with company mission, strategic goals, and market demands.
- Advise and participate in sales and marketing activities, including client meetings, sales demonstrations, and user conferences.
- Monitor adoption and revenue impact of new features and enhancements and report on release impact as necessary.
- Provide a fresh perspective and insight, aligning to current trends/approaches while also grounding your decisions in user research, business goals, and technical considerations

Required Skills:
- 5 years of relevant professional experience as a Product Manager; experience with AdTech and SaaS products is strongly preferred.
- Strong understanding of all aspects of the product development lifecycle, including customer research, requirements definition, prioritization, and launch process.
- Familiarity with the fundamentals of engineering process, user experience design, sales process, and marketing.
- A track record of shipping a product in an Agile product development environment, leading a complex project and collaborating across departments.
- Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and an ability to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences.
- A degree in Computer Science or similar technical field is a strong plus.
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Programmer/Development Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8914  Python Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Seeking a Python Engineer who will become part of a team responsible for designing and developing this company's next generation platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Design and develop next generation platform
- Be part of the design and architecture decision making team
- Be part of a tech driven passionate team that is eager to keep producing amazing products built upon superb technology infrastructure

Required Skills:
- Vast knowledge in Python and Python libraries/frameworks such as Flask, SQLAlchemy etc.
- Experience with client side technologies (JavaScript, CSS) and frameworks (such as jQuery and Bootstrap)
- Knowledge in both SQL databases (preferably MySQL) and No-SQL databases (such as MongoDB, Memcached)
- 5+ years of experience in developing LAMP based web applications
- Experience with AWS is a plus
- Experience with Git and Git workflow is a plus
- Understanding of software engineering best practices and object oriented designs
- Knowledge and experience with using open source products
- Ability to operate in an agile, entrepreneurial start-up environment
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills with the ability to get work done with minimal supervision
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8953  Senior JavaScript Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer to develop this company's next generation platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Design and improve the JavaScript ad serving framework
- Work with the ad server backend team to continue and improve overall solution
- Work with the product and design teams to develop new innovative ad unit types (video, slideshows etc.)
- Leverage various 3rd party open source JavaScript solutions when needed
- Develop cross browser user behavior tracking framework

Required Skills:
- At least 5 years of experience in JavaScript front-end web development
- Pure JavaScript and the ability to build a framework (AngularJS, ReactJS etc.)
- Experience writing optimized JS code (size and performance wise)
- Pure Java and proficiency in object oriented designs and expert understanding of software engineering best practices
- Expert level knowledge in cross browsers and responsive designs
- Strong level knowledge in CSS/HTML with experience using jQuery or similar framework
- Experience with CSS pre-processors (such as LESS, SASS)
- Experience with Git and Git workflow is a plus
- Good understanding of testing methodologies and experience with writing testable code
- Ability to operate in an Agile, entrepreneurial start-up environment
- Adtech background is a plus
- This person must be motivated, driven, and passionate about programming and technology
- Excellent teamwork skills with an ability to reach out and use team strengths to get the work done with minimal supervision
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8973  Senior Xamarin Developer  Contract  Southern California  Irvine  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Senior Xamarin Developer to create cutting edge consumer and enterprise mobile applications.

Responsibilities include:
- Tackle all aspects of the software development lifecycle, including estimating, architecture, implementation, documentation, testing, deployment and post-launch support.
- Stay on top of leading mobile development technologies, best practice standards and implement them internally when appropriate.
- Adapt to changing priorities and personalities in order to seamlessly execute end goals and deliverables.
- Collaborate with companies and occasionally travel.

Required Skills:
- 3-5 years of iOS and Android application development experience. This person will need to have used the Xamarin framework and toolset (Xamarin Studio and/or Xamarin for Visual Studio).
- Extensive experience with Xamarin.Forms.
- Familiarity with all things Google Play Store & Apple App Store.
- Mobile store life cycle knowledge including store policies, publishing, provisioning, app store and deployments.
- UI knowledge - experience building graphically intensive UIs, managing multiple view hierarchies, optimizing UI transitions and performance on mobile devices.
- Experience creating custom controls, animations and graphically rich applications.
- C# proficiency.
- Multi-platform organization and maintenance experience.
- Xamarin Test Cloud, cross-platform game development frameworks, prototyping tools, and the use of Objective-C, Swift and/or Java to develop mobile apps is a plus.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W8994  Software Engineer/Network Application Development  Full-time/Permanent  Northern California  Concord  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Software Engineer to develop software and embedded firmware for a manufacturing company. This person will analyze user needs to develop and maintain a robust suite of software applications.

Responsibilities include:
- Assist in recommendations to management concerning the full range of software development processes and objectives.
- Develop and maintain embedded network application modules for this companies hardware line.
- Analyze user needs and develop software solutions that benefit the customers. Compare competitive product design and analyze usability requirements for product.
- Generate software project user interfaces and functionality specifications. Define design specifications and parameters, develop algorithms and apply major routines to software projects.
- Work as part of a team to develop and deliver high-quality software in response to project requirements.
- Coordinate with other engineers to meet scheduling requirements for feature implementation.
- Debug and resolve networking issues relating to the products.
- Implement customer requests for existing products.
- Design and implement new features for next generation products.
- Unit test any modifications made.
- Enter and resolve defect reports using defect tracking database.
- Update and maintain source code using specific versioning control systems.
- Work closely with QA to reproduce and debug issues reported.
- Keep abreast of new products and technologies as they are introduced.
- Perform tasks in support of the company's environmental management system.

Required Skills:
- BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent work experience.
- 3-5 years of software and firmware development experience.
- Excellent programming ability in C/C++ in Embedded Linux environment.
- Effective collaboration with engineers and other departments world-wide as necessary.
- Working knowledge of computer networks (TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, IPv6 and setting up networks).
- Working knowledge of network application or communication protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMB, SMTP, POP3, XMPP).
- Familiarity with security protocols (SSL/TLS, IPSec, 802.1x, OAuth and encryption).
- Knowledge of data compression/decompression techniques and standards.
- Experience with virtual systems and environments.
- Solid debugging skills.
- Proficiency with MS Office applications.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must.
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Software Quality Assurance/Tester Positions
Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9019  Junior QA Engineer  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  El Segundo  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Junior QA Engineer with a Computer Science background and automation experience to test and debug this companies platform.

Responsibilities include:
- Test automation and the ability to debug within a browser in JavaScript.
- Design and maintain test plans, scenarios and test cases.
- Analysis and testing of server logic before production deploy.
- Work with cross-functional teams to troubleshoot test failures in the multiple test environments, including troubleshooting server side Java code, and client side JavaScript code.
- Create a library of documentation around features and integration methods.
- Track and manage open issues with various internal teams.

Required Skills:
- Bachelor's degree with a major course of study in Computer Science or Information Technology.
- 2+ years of server-side testing automation experience.
- Java and more specifically with JUnit.
- HTML, JavaScript, CSS, cross browser debugging, and DOM manipulation.
- Ability to write test plans and test cases.
- Will be exposed to IOS and Android.
- Willingness and ability to adapt to new technologies.
- Ability to operate in an Agile, entrepreneurial start-up environment.

Experience with the following is a plus:
- Experience with Git.
- Experience with continuous integration software like Jenkins.
- Industry knowledge of online advertising.
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Job ID Title Type Location City Rate
 W9015  QA Lead  Full-time/Permanent  Southern California  Encino  Based on Experience
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Looking for a Quality Assurance Lead to be responsible for manual and automated testing efforts, working hands-on with engineering and product management teams to ensure that the feature development and enhancements to the applications meet high-quality standards from a business & functional perspective. This is a great opportunity for the right leader to make their mark and set the direction for how this company handles QA.

Responsibilities include:
- Act as a player, coach, and coordinator for a team of QA professionals, with both functional and automated testing backgrounds.
- Be the voice for quality, and ensure the products and deliverables are thoroughly tested before release.
- Collaborate with Technical Managers and Team Leads throughout the organization to understand their projects and their needs.
- Establish an efficient feedback loop between the QA team and development teams to ensure QA staff is effectively utilized, while meeting the expectations of the delivery team.
- Grow testing automation strategy and work with other leaders across the company to establish best practices.
- Advocate for ongoing release process improvements with Technical Managers and DevOps.
- Create, review and approve test plans including scope, test methodology, and test case identification.
- Provide ongoing metrics around testing and quality.
- Continually evaluate emerging technologies to identify opportunities, trends and best practices that can be used to strengthen technology platform and QA practices.

Required Skills:
- 5+ years of Quality Assurance experience in a fast-paced online environment.
- 2+ years of experience as a QA Lead, with a minimum of 2 direct reports preferred.
- BS in Computer Science, related degrees, or equivalent experience.
- Extremely attentive to detail, analytical, and process oriented.
- Advanced experience with testing automation architectures and tools such as TestNG, Selenium, JMeter and QTP.
- Experience with CI tools such as Jenkins or Bamboo, understanding of Agile and SDLC, and how Quality Assurance processes fit in.
- Experience with relational databases, SQL and the ability to do some data QA and analysis is a plus.
- Experience with several of the following a big plus: Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Jira, PyCharm, PyTest, Git/BitBucket, SoapUI, and HTML/CSS.
- A solid understanding of website infrastructure - e.g., you know what caching is. Excellent with cross-functional communication & influencing skills.
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