Contractor Incentives

PeopleWare strongly believes in the health and financial security of our Independent Contractors and their families. We have implemented several incentive programs to meet those needs:

Group Insurance:
PeopleWare offers a number of group insurance plans to choose from. The insurance is open to all contractors the 1st of the month following sixty days of qualified service and is provided to you and your family at low group rates. The premiums are paid on a PRE-TAX basis through payroll deductions. You can choose from any or all of the following:

  • Health Insurance:  Anthem Blue Cross, 2 HMO Plans & 2 PPO Plans
  • Dental Insurance:  UnitedHealthcare, DHMO Plan
  • Vision Insurance:  UnitedHealthcare, PPO Plan

401k with a Match:
PeopleWare offers a 401k plan through Voya with the funds being monitored by Morningstar. The plan is open to all independent contractors after two months of qualified service. There is a 25% targeted / discretionary match to your contributions up to 4% of your annual compensation. This is a great way to save for your future!

Pay Rates:
PeopleWare's markups rank with the lowest in the industry. This allows you to have a higher pay rate while making your services more attractive to hiring managers. PeopleWare pays you on a weekly basis and we NEVER wait to be paid by our customers in order to pay you!

Paid Sick Time:
PeopleWare pays up to 3 days (24 hours) of paid sick time each year after 90 days of working with us.

Direct Deposit:
For ease of payment to you, PeopleWare offers direct deposit of your weekly paycheck to your bank account.

Easy and Equitable Conversion to a Full-time Position:
If you and the hiring client decide that you should work directly for them on a full-time employee basis, the conversion process is very easy and equitable for everyone. Instead of tying a conversion fee to the salary offered to you, PeopleWare ties it to your bill rate. This allows the hiring client to offer you the highest salary without concern of additional conversion costs. After six months of continuous work averaging 35+ hours per week, there is no conversion fee to the hiring client.