$500 Referral Fee Program

Earn extra cash while helping your friends get jobs!

PeopleWare offers a generous referral program, providing up to $500.00 for a referral that turns into a successful placement at a client.  If you know of someone that would be an excellent fit for any of the current openings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

To earn the referral fee:

  • The person you refer must be placed within 90 days of being referred
  • They must stay in that position for at least 90 days
  • It cannot be someone we already have in our database or are currently working with

Contractor Incentives

PeopleWare believes strongly in the health and financial wellbeing of our independent contractors and their families. That's why we've implemented several incentive programs to meet those needs.

Group Insurance

PeopleWare offers a variety of insurance plans to choose from at low group rates. They are open to all contractors on the 1st of every month following 60 days of qualified service. Premiums are paid on a PRE-TAX basis through payroll deductions. You may choose from any of the following options:

  • Health Insurance: Anthem Blue Cross, 2 HMO Plans & 2 PPO Plans
  • Dental Insurance: UnitedHealthcare, DHMO Plan
  • Vision Insurance: UnitedHealthcare, PPO Plan

401k with a Match

PeopleWare offers a 401(k) plan through Voya, with the funds being monitored by Morningstar. This plan is open to all independent contractors after 60 days of qualified service. There is a 25% targeted / discretionary match to your contributions up to 4% of your annual compensation. It's a great way to save for your future!

Pay Rates

Our markups rank among the lowest in the industry, allowing you to realize a higher pay rate while making your services more attractive to hiring managers. PeopleWare pays you on a weekly basis, and we NEVER wait for payment from our clients to pay you!

Direct Deposit

To make the payment process easy for you, PeopleWare offers direct deposit of your weekly paycheck to your bank account.

Easy and Equitable Conversion to a Full-time Position

If the client decides that you should work directly for them on a full-time basis, the conversion process is very smooth. Rather than tying a conversion fee to the salary the client offers you, we tie it to your bill rate. This allows the client to offer you the most competitive salary without the concern of additional conversion costs. After 6 months of continuous employment, averaging 35+ hours per week, the client no longer pays a conversion fee.

PeopleWare Staffing, Inc


Here are a few comments from people who have worked with us both as job seekers and as hiring employers...

I have had an excellent relationship with PeopleWare both as a client and as a candidate. My relationship with PeopleWare began in 1995 when they placed me at Symantec Corporation as a Principal Software Engineer. PeopleWare would later place me into various senior engineering positions at excellent organizations. I also engaged PeopleWare to help me rapidly staff critical engineering groups at TouchStone Software, EarthLink, SharedGreetings, Storactive and SOA Software.

My interactions with the staff at PeopleWare have always been very professional. For example, they handled delicate negotiations with the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and skill. Over the years, I have developed tremendous respect and trust for the organization because while they were negotiating and advocating on my behalf, they also made sure that hiring companies were represented fairly. This WIN/WIN approach is a major factor in my decision to consider PeopleWare whenever I or my colleagues have staffing needs.

Another noteworthy strength is their very high hit ratio when submitting candidates. This is because PeopleWare is very thorough in making sure that they have a good understanding of the client's requirements for candidates. Additionally, their search process includes developing very strong relationships with candidates and clients, their focus is on quality rather than quantity, and they are very proactive.

PeopleWare is truly an excellent organization. I highly recommend PeopleWare for candidates as well as for clients!

Len Cayetano

Director, Software Engineering

I have worked with PeopleWare Technical Resources since 1993. From the very beginning PeopleWare has been the first place I call when I'm looking to recruit top QA talent. They have always been my "go to" agency. PeopleWare spends considerable up front time with the hiring manager finding out exactly what they want; they understand the critical characteristics and those that are "nice to have." They also have strong domain skills so they understand what the need is. I rarely have to filter through the candidates they send - they've done the filtering for me. And best of all they don't try to argue with me over my decisions. I expect to continue to use PeopleWare whenever I need to recruit QA staff.

Stephanie Campbell

Director, Software Quality Assurance

I have had the pleasure, and possibly the unique experience of working with PeopleWare as both a contract employee and a client employer. When I was placed as a contractor I found Sheryl, Jeff, and the rest of their team to be a pleasure to work with. I felt that they really wanted things to work for me, not only the employer. Later, after I was converted to a permanent employee, I was on the other side of the fence when we used Peopleware to staff several projects. They took the time to really understand what we needed and we were only presented with highly qualified candidates. We have been more than satisfied with everyone that we have employed through Peopleware and will certainly continue to use them to help staff future projects. From my experience, I can guarantee that PeopleWare always goes the extra mile for both the employee and the client company.

Richard Doyon